Chocolate Fountain Rental

Impress your guests with a chocolate fountain

A chocolate fountain rental adds a luxurious and decadent touch to any wedding reception. A chocolate fondue fountain is a layered tower of temptation, and you can accentuate the cascading cocoa with your choice of fruits and toppings. Chocolate fountains are worth a wedding photo of their very own!

Rent a Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Whether you want to rent a mini chocolate fondue fountain or go for something of fuller size, you should be fully aware of what's involved. First, it is very important that you have an attendant looking after the chocolate fountain rental at all times. If something goes wrong with the flow of chocolate, or if the settings are improperly adjusted, disaster can result. Typically, the chocolate fountain rental company will include a paid attendant in the overall price.

Chocolate fountain rentals look spectacular, but even the slightest mistake can cause major malfunctions. For this reason, make sure guests know not to drop any fruit or dessert toppings into the fountain's basin. This will cause an immediate backup, and the attendant will have to turn off the fountain right away.

Prices may be quoted based on the size of the fountain, or per person. If you get a chocolate fountain rental on a per-person basis, your rental price will usually include the attendant as well as chocolate and dippers for each guest attending your event. Remember, too, that they're not just for weddings – chocolate fountains make great party rentals for just about any formal or major celebration.

More Wedding Fountain Rentals

While it's less sweet and tempting, a wedding cake fountain is no less spectacular. These fountains are typically mounted behind the wedding cake on the banquet table, and can be used simply for the spectacle or as a way to make your cake seem bigger. Because the cascading fountain draws the eye's attention, the cake seems larger in proportion.

Regardless of the specific choice you make, fountain wedding cakes and chocolate fountains always add a visual feast to your wedding reception. It's the small touches and the attention to detail that combine to make a wedding memorable not only for the bride and groom, but also for their guests. A chocolate fountain rental is a perfect example of a little extra that goes a long way.

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