Wedding Rentals

Save money by renting wedding supplies and wedding decorations

The world of wedding rentals can be a bride-to-be's dream come true or worst nightmare. While planning a wedding is something that many women look forward to and lose themselves in, it can also cause a great deal of stress and anxiety.

Proper planning and preparation are essential when it comes to renting wedding supplies and wedding decorations. If you approach the task methodically and get started well in advance, you should find that you have the time to enjoy the process rather than fret about it.

Rental Wedding Equipment: A Checklist

While most brides find that their to-do list just seems to keep growing and growing, here is an overview of the main types of wedding rentals you'll need to look into for your special day:

  • Wedding gown or tuxedo rentals. Many brides prefer to purchase their wedding gown, but renting one instead is becoming an increasingly popular alternative. Grooms almost always get a tuxedo rental from a formal menswear shop.
  • Banquet hall rentals. Spaces fill up fast, especially for summer weddings, so be sure to book well in advance if you have your heart set on the most elegant banquet hall in town.
  • Entertainment rentals. Unless you know someone with all the music and equipment you'll need for your wedding dance, you will want to hire a DJ or band.
  • Wedding decoration rentals. These may be included with your banquet or reception hall rental, but if you have a specific theme in mind, you're going to have to purchase or rent special wedding decorations on your own.
  • Wedding chair and linen rentals. The banquet hall may or may not offer table linen and chair cover rentals. If they don't, you should contact a specialty wedding linen rental company well in advance of your event to make reservations.
  • Wedding transportation. When it comes to wedding transportation, it is common practice to rent separate limousines for the groom and groomsmen, and for the bride and her bridal party.

Of course, you'll need to address some major logistics before you begin your hunt for rentals. Start with your wedding invitation list – you can't rent a banquet hall or order meals before you know how many people will be attending. Make sure to have a close friend or family member double-check the list before finalizing it – with all the planning, there's almost always someone that the bride forgot!

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