Tent Rentals

Rent a tent for your event

Tent rentals make a perfect addition to outdoor parties and special events, no matter what time of year it may be. An event tent or party canopy provides shelter, demarcates the outdoor space and helps keep bugs away during the summer months. In cooler weather, you can install specially designed heaters that will safely and effectively keep your guests warm and cozy.

Party Tent Rental Options

Event tents are available in circular, pavilion-style configurations as well as rectangular shapes. They are held up with sturdy poles, which are placed around the perimeter of the tent and used to suspend the tent's roof. Large tents require one or more center poles, which are poked through slots in the tent roof and raised into place by one or more technicians.

A portable canopy is another option which some tent rental companies offer. Canopy rentals make ideal supplements if you're renting a large event tent, providing areas where refreshments can be served or guests can gather away from the main gala. If you're hosting an open house-type event, multiple portable canopies can be used to give all the hosts their own spot to set up shop.

You can also add walls to the tent to create a completely enclosed space, which is usually preferable in unpredictable or cooler weather. If you're going to rent a tent for an outdoor party, you can get a portable dance floor rental set up inside the tent to give your guests a spot to get the party started.

How to Rent a Tent

Party rental companies almost without exception offer customers a range of tent options. Typically, they'll carry tents in small, medium and large sizes. As with any type of rental, you'll get the widest range of options if you deal with a company that deals exclusively with tents.

Most companies that supply party tents also have everything else you'll need for your party, from folding chairs and folding tables to linens, glassware, bar equipment and food serving supplies. In fact, you may be able to get a discount off the individual rental prices if you let one company take care of all your party needs.

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