Stage Rental

Why you should consider portable stage rental

Many occasions call for a stage rental, from wedding receptions, graduations and promotional events to concerts, dramatic presentations and outdoor parties. Stage equipment is available in a full range of sizes, from economical and compact to elaborate centerpieces that can be set up with light shows and multimedia equipment.

Portable Stage Rental Options

A regular platform stage is the simplest type of stage rental. Small platform stages designed to host a speaking podium only are typically available as single-piece units; larger platform stages usually come in multiple pieces and require assembly.

More elaborate mobile stages are usually made of individual metal sections, which are suspended in the air by risers and held in place by locking brackets. They can be rigged with stairs leading up and roofs or overhangs which provide protection from the elements and a place to hang portable stage lighting, if you're going to be using any.

The stage rental company will send technicians to assemble and take down the stage for you, if required. This should be included in the rental price. Many stage rental companies can also provide for your lighting equipment rental needs as well, saving you the hassle of having to source your lighting separately.

Safety Considerations for Mobile Stages

As with tent rentals or jumper rentals, following proper assembly and safety procedures is very important with portable stages. Since specific knowledge and skills are required to properly assemble a stage, this is a job you should leave to professional technicians. Information on the number of technicians needed to assemble a particular stage and the amount of time it will take is available from the rental company.

Never walk on a stage until the technicians have finished setting it and all other equipment up. It is especially important to stay clear if lighting is being set up, as falling stage lights pose a serious safety risk and can cause major injuries.

Finally, never use a stage for any purpose other than its intended use. If, for example, you invite 50 people onstage and it's only designed to support the weight of a dozen, you could very quickly have an ugly emergency on your hands.

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