Portable Toilet Rentals

Rent a portable chemical toilet

Portable toilet rentals are a fact of life at festivals, outdoor events and construction sites, and if you're handling this aspect of the logistical planning, there are a few things you should know to ensure you get the best possible value and service.

First, you should allow one portable toilet for every 5 to 10 people, depending on how long they will be at the site. You'll need fewer toilets if people are on site for a limited amount of time each day, such as on a construction site. Allow for more portable toilet facilities if people will be on site all day or all weekend, as the case may be at an outdoor concert or festival.

Types of Portable Toilets

Basic portable toilet rentals are self-contained, stand-up units designed for single occupancy. There is a simple storage tank beneath the toilet seat and spots where you hang toilet paper and hand sanitizers.

Many companies offer optional add-ons for these basic units. You can request lighting and units with hands-free flush capabilities, and rental companies are available to meet your needs if you require handicapped-accessible portable toilet facilities.

To prevent the collection of large amounts of septic waste, consider a portable chemical toilet. These are usually used when the rental agency can only offer weekly cleaning and plumbing is not available, and they use chemicals to break down waste and prevent it from building up in the storage tank.

More elaborate portable toilet rentals are available, which function more like full-service washrooms. These units offer convenience features including running water (both hot and cold), flush toilets, urinal and toilet units, exhaust fans, lighting and heating. They make an excellent wedding rentals if you're going to be hosting a large outdoor reception and want to provide guests with comfort and convenience.

Portable Toilet Rental Agreements

You can get portable toilet rental agreements that cover the use of units on a daily, weekly or long-term basis. Your rental price should include drop-off, regular cleaning and maintenance, and pick-up. Customers are not typically responsible for cleaning the units – that is the domain of the rental company, who has the specialized septic management equipment needed to do the job.

To obtain quotes, determine where and for how long you will need service. Portable toilet rental companies will then offer you a variety of products and packages to meet your needs, and you can select the option that best fits your budget.

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