Linen Rental

Classy and convenient table linen rental

Linen rentals are a necessary touch on formal occasions. An elegant table linen rental is a standard part of any banquet, wedding reception, holiday feast or gala dinner, and there are companies that specialize in the rental of a wide selection of elegant table linens and dining table accessories.

Tablecloth Rentals and Accessories

Tablecloths are available in numerous designs, and while linen is the most popular fabric, you have other options available. Satin or taffeta tablecloths, for example, will give your affair a unique and colorful look, and these rich fabrics are very pleasing both to the eye and to the touch.

There's a lot of variation even within the realm of linen tablecloths – rental companies offer different cuts, colors and styles for formal events and special occasions. You can get plain linen rentals without any decorative flairs, or textured and accentuated holiday linens that add an expressive element. For wedding linen rentals, you can get multi-piece table coverings including skirts, runners and matching chair cover rentals.

Consistency is an important element of design, so it's recommended that you get your linen napkins and toppers from the same rental agency. You don't want mismatched tablecloths and napkins spoiling an otherwise perfectly designed dining setup. Sometimes, you'll find significant differences even across shades of white, and getting everything in a single package is often the best way to ensure all the table elements are uniform in appearance.

Get the Best Value for Your Table Linen Rental

With few exceptions, you will get the most for your money if you select a pre-packaged collection of table linens, which may include skirts, runners, napkins and chair covers all for a single low price. It is common for companies that offer banquet and wedding linen rentals to offer customers their choice of a variety of package deals. The price of your linen rental package will include delivery, set up, pick up and laundering. If you have a very specific style in mind, it may take you some time to find just the right match, so don't leave your linen rentals to the last minute or you may be forced to compromise.

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