Folding Tables

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Folding tables are a virtual necessity if you're hosting a large gathering or party, particularly if you're going to be outdoors. Table rentals make everything from food service to banquet seating easy and help you keep the party space organized.

Types of Table Rentals

Table rentals are usually available in two basic configurations: rectangular and round. Rectangular tables are normally classified according to their length; 6-foot tables and 8-foot tables are the most common. Circular tables are defined by their diameter, and you can get both round folding tables and circular tables with collapsible legs only.

A lot of variation exists within these basic styles. You can get plastic folding tables or wooden ones; plastic tables are better for bearing light loads or casual use, while wooden ones are better for dining or serving food and drinks. You can even get folding game tables with colored felt surfaces for casino-themed parties or poker nights. Other specialized options include folding banquet tables, which are sturdy enough to support elaborate spreads, and folding picnic tables, which are perfect for extended camping trips.

The Cost of Renting Folding Tables

You will find quite a range in the costs of the different folding tables available for rent. Typically, the larger the table, the higher the rental price. To get the most value for your money, you should sit down and figure out exactly how much surface space you will need in total, then use price quotes you've gathered from various rental companies to compute the table combination that will meet your needs for the lowest possible price.

If you are going to need folding chairs for your guests in addition to tables, one of the things you can do to save some money is rent them together. Many rental companies are willing to offer customers price breaks on table and chair rental packages. Costs also decrease when you rent larger numbers of tables, but as with anything, you should always shop around to find the best deal. Prices can vary significantly from one supplier to the next, even for similar folding tables, so do what you can to ensure your costs stay under control.

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