Folding Chairs

Chair rentals for every event

If you're going to be hosting an event with a large guest list, chair rentals are the best way to ensure everyone has a seat. You can rent stackable chairs for very affordable rates; it is not uncommon to find chair rentals for less than a dollar per seat for a weekend rental, depending on the type of chairs you want. Some rental companies will give you an ever bigger break if you get a combination table and chair rental.

Types of Folding Chairs

Normally, rental companies offer customers a range of choices when it comes to folding chairs. Some are simply economical and purely functional; others offer a touch of elegance. The right choice for you depends on the kind of party you're having.

Some of the most common offerings you'll find at rental supply companies include:

  • Wood folding chairs. If you want simple chairs that will get the job done, wood folding chairs are a good bet. They are normally available in a variety of styles and finishes, so you can even choose folding chairs that make a good match with your indoor or outdoor décor.
  • Plastic chairs. Wooden chairs can be uncomfortable to sit on for extended periods of time, and many people find plastic to be slightly more accommodating. They are also typically the most affordable type of commercial folding chairs available for rent.
  • Bistro chairs. If you're hosting an outdoor wedding or reception and need a classier option, bistro chairs may be the answer. Typically, these chairs don't fold, but are stacked vertically. They normally have rigid backs and feature tasteful design flourishes.
  • Lawn chairs. Whether you're going camping, heading to the beach for the day or just having a group of people over for a barbecue, if you have a short-term need for simple outdoor folding chairs, renting makes more sense than buying.

If the occasion calls for it, you can also get accessories such as chair cover rentals to enhance the comfort of your guests. Folding tables and chairs make hosting a larger party much easier, something you'll appreciate if you're the one doing the planning!

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