Chair Cover Rentals

Dress up your rental chairs with rental chair covers

Chair cover rentals are typically reserved for formal occasions. Available in a range of styles, rental chair covers are slipped over regular chairs to add a touch of style. Even the simplest chair covers rentals create a striking look, using sashes that can be tied in bows around the chair backs.

In the world of wedding chair covers and rentals, you have plenty of elaborate options available. Since you want everything to be perfect, from the floral arrangements right down to your linen rental, taking the time to familiarize yourself with the available choices is an all-important first step.

Types of Chair Cover Rentals

The simplest rental chair covers are plain white, with sashes that hang off the back of the chair. You can tie this sash in whatever type of bow you choose. If you want to add a touch of color, most chair cover rental companies will offer you the ability to add colored sashes or bows for a modest extra charge. As an economical alternative for folding chairs, you can get the rental company to supply only the sashes, which you can tie to the chair backs to add just a hint of decorative elegance. These simple folding chair covers rentals are usually the least expensive option.

If you're looking for something a bit more sophisticated, you'll find plenty of enticing choices. Damask chair covers have more texture and style than simple white cotton ones, and the thicker, heavier fabric is typically more intricately designed with touches of flair and accentuation.

Your top-of-the-line option will typically be a satin wrap cover. Used for wedding receptions, gala events and other formal occasions, satin chair cover rentals are ideal for chairs with tall backs and are available in your choice of colors.

How Rental Chair Covers Work

For the best selection, choose a rental company that specializes in chair covers. Usually, you will have your choice of two price points for the various options available: a do-it-yourself price and an installation price. The DIY price will be quite a bit cheaper if you have a lot of chairs to cover, but you'll have to place the covers and tie the sashes yourself. It is certainly less time-consuming to pay for installation, though you'll have to assess your budget to ensure you can absorb the cost of the added service.

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